For Researchers

Multifunctional Fibers

At NeuroBionics, we’ve developed multifunctional,
flexible, bioelectronic fibers that offer all of the core
capabilities neuroscientists need.

Value Provided

Enable Unique Experiments
Combine techniques in the same
brain region with one probe

Save Time
No more gluing components together

Save Animals
Perform multiple functions & experiments
in a single animal

Save Money
Less time, fewer animals, fewer probes

Device Capabilities


Electrical Recording

Fiber Photometry


Local Drug & Gene Delivery

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Coming Soon Spring 2024

Our first device has 6 tungsten microelectrodes (capable of recording LFP and single-unit activity), an optical channel for optogenetics and fiber photometry, and a fluidic channel for local drug and gene delivery at the probe tip. The probe will be ~300um in diameter, flexible, and made of polymer materials.

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